Introducing the NEW 4" Soft-Minnow™.
A MirrOlure® Soft Plastic Bait with a Split Tail.
The MirrOlure® 4" Soft-Minnow™ features a thin tapered belly and split tail body design for enhanced action. With a twitching retrieve, Soft-Minnow™ darts and falls like a wounded minnow or shrimp, triggering aggressive strikes. Available in 12 colors.
MRSM4 — Available in 12 Colors: — 1-Opening Night, 2-Mullet, 3-Chartreuse Gold,
4-Electric Chicken, 5-Pinfish, 6-Salt & Pepper/Chartreuse Tail, 9-Rootbeer,
10-Plum/Chartreuse Tail, 17-Watermelon Red Glitter, 18-Pearl, 26-Golden Bream,
27-Gold/Red Glitter