Introducing the NEW Scented 5" Provoker®.
A MirrOlure® Soft Plastic Twitch Bait.
The Provoker® features a large pocket in the belly of the lure which allows fishermen to rig them many ways, for different presentations. With a twitching retrieve, Provoker® comes alive in the water and produces BIG fish. Each Provoker® features a natural baitfish profile with 3-D eyes, gills and scales and is injected with a secret “fish catching” scent. MirrOlure’s Provoker® measures 5” and is available in 17 popular colors.
MRSP5 — Available in 17 Colors — 1-Opening Night, 3-Chartreuse Gold,
4-Electric Chicken, 10-Plum/Chartreuse Tail, 11-Morning Glory/Chartreuse Tail,
17-Watermelon Red Glitter, 18-Pearl, 19-Pumpkin Seed/Chartreuse Tail,
21-Bone Silver, 26-Golden Bream, 27-Gold/Red Glitter, 29-Strawberry/White Tail,
38-Pink Silver, 42-New Penny, 43-Roach, 44-Geaux Gleaux, 45-Molting