Introducing the NEW Scented 3-3/4" Lil John™.
A MirrOlure® Soft Plastic Twitch Bait.
The Lil John™ is injected with a secret “fish catching” scent. MirrOlure’s Lil John™ measures 3-3/4” and is available in 19 popular colors.
MRLJ — Available in 14 Colors — 1-Opening Night, 9-Rootbeer, 16 Chicken
17-Watermelon Red Glitter, 26-Golden Bream, 2- Gold/Red Glitter,
30-Purple Demon, 32-Glow, 36-Watermelon Copper Glitter, 37-Salt and Pepper,
38-Pink Silver, 39-Money, 40-Margarita, 41-Sour Lemon, 42-New Penny,
45-Molting, 46-Gold, 47-Blue Moon, 48-Bourbon